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What can you expect?

  • Get insight into how to make your film ‘inevitable’.
  • Explore whole new models for film making and distribution.
  • Understand how successful producers get films made again and again.
  • Share and connect with other delegates who have already taken this workshop.
  • Turbo charge YOUR movie and career with help from two legends of Indie film .

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Filmmaker feedback

  • “To be taught how to ‘package a deal’ from the guys who made ‘Poison’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Kids’, ‘Boy’s Don’t Cry’ is a near-miracle” George Hobbs, producer/writer, London
  • “Both Ted and Christine were generous, funny and highly knowledgeable. Very helpful to hear current thinking from working producers” Mark Solomon, writer/director, London
  • “Amazing knowledge that all serious filmmakers should know” Ibrahm Miiko, writer/director, London